Signal oil Company remains a stable and dynamically growing establishment, and a proven oil export marketing reliable partner. We are investing in oil wells and fields, the refining, storage and the selling of petroleum products, and providing regular export shipments of Russian oil products. Network coverage of zones of supplying oil products allows us to take the effective calculation of factors: the location of the oil Refinery, transportation costs, and chemical specifications of the delivered oil products, delivery of oil products for foreign companies carried out strictly in exact time, since we do not want and do not allow our customers to suffer any inconvenience. We are ready to give you a choice of modern and faster ways of transportation oil products by pipeline and railway and its loading on modern vessels from the commercial ports of Vladivostok, Novorossiysk, Tuapse and Primorsk. We consider all the requirements of each customer; provide stability and efficiency of the order.

We provides guarantee for the quality of the products supplied, as well as flexible prices and a wide range of oil products to 14 countries: Kazakhstan, China, South Korea, Pakistan, India, UAE, Italy, the Netherlands, Kenya, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Poland and Venezuela, Peru, Malaysia, Indonesia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Brazil, Nigeria. We Supplied oil products, with all quality criteria and are environmentally safe, as proofed by quality certificates and products passports. The main activity of our company is investment in oil refineries production sector, sale and export of oil products such as Mazut M-100, Diesel D-2, Aviation Kerosene JP-54, Bitumen, Automotive Gas Oil, Urea 46, Bitumen, Rebco, ESPO, Base Oil and other.

Another important activity of our company is to attract foreign capital:

1) Exploration and extraction of oil and gas fields complex,

2) Investment and supply of equipment to the Oil Refineries in Russia.

The strategy is designed to ensure sustainable development fields and refining of Crude Oil.

Our concept - an individual approach, professional ethics, confidentiality of client information, and transparency