Signal oil establishment &background

Signal Oil company remains the stable and dynamically growing establishment, and a proven oil exporting and marketing all the reliable partner. Signal oil are investing in many oil wells and fields, the refining,storage and the selling of all the petroleum products,and providing great regular export shipments of Russian oil products.The network coverage of zones of supplying oil products allows us to take the effective calculation of factors: the location of the oil Refinery, transportation costs, and chemical specifications of the delivered oil products, delivery of oil products for the foreign companies carried out strictly in exact time, since we do not want and do not allow all our major customers to suffer any inconvenience. We provide railway transportation from any part of Russia to any of the major international.destination.With full guarantee and full control of the products during the clearance and delivery of oil product, offering all types and sizes of

Signal Oil Corporate Governance

The principles and procedures for corporate governance of Signal oil are enshrined in the Articles of Association and a number of other publicly available internal documents, which together determine the structure and competence of the Company's management and control bodies. The Corporate Governance Code and the Code of Business and Corporate Ethics contain additional obligations of Signal oil in the field of openness, social responsibility, and ethical business principles.Signal oil builds a corporate governance system in strict accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation, the Read more

Procurement and investors

In implementing its growth strategy, Signal Oil strives to increase its shareholder is the value as well as achieve the highest standards of corporate governance. The Company is firmly convinced that these two aims are obviously closely related. The commitment to a transparent and responsible business management is extremely important for maintaining investor confidence and, in the long term, for guaranteeing the maximum return on investment to all our shareholders. Being the hallmark of the most renowned international corporations, efficient governance is an important indication of our success in the eyes of our foreign partners. We are convinced that the conscientious governance benefits all stakeholders, including clients, suppliers, partners, employees and our Company’s shareholders. Signal Oil ’s management unswerving continue giving equal consideration to the interests of all shareholder groups of the Company Read more

International shipping

Our company "Signal Oil" offers its customers sea transportation, thereby solving many important issues related to delivery. This really cuts down on all costs and delivery time to our customer's destination. Shipping and export documentation is strictly controlled by our company for compliance and correct execution of accompanying documents for each oil product in compliance with the legal regulations of the Russian Federation and the countries of destination of the goods. oil products. For all international transportation of petroleum products, our company offers a multimodal transport network with a verified clear route planning - from the beginning to the end of the designated transshipment points, as well as intermediate stops and animated graphics. The transportation services offered by us have a number of advantages: The current sea transportation is always clearly defined and agreed with the receiving and transit ports, Read more